Edible Antiques

Edible Antiques heirloom seed company is based out of Prince Edward County. (Ontario, Canada) Specializing in providing you with open pollinated, heirloom and heritage garden seeds. All seeds are grown, harvested and packaged in a sustainable manner. All seeds are grown by the owner Stacey, on an acre surrounding her home in Picton, or at her offsite gardens in Waupoos, or selected from a couple of local sustainable farms and gardens that she is involved with. Untreated, open pollinated, non-gmo, non-patented seeds, Grown with much love and respect. Each package is handmade with love, attention and a small artwork to represent your seed of choice. Frame it OR Compost it when your done-the paper is made out of recycled cotton and agricultural byproduct (autumn leaves!) By purchasing these seeds, you can grow food for yourself and your family and you can save your own seeds from all of these varieties. This means that you can be a part of the whole cycle and allow these plants to keep living so that you can keep eating! 

                                  “If you want to know where your food comes from...Grow it yourself!”

             How We Grow...

It is not only important to know the story of where your garden friends come from, but also HOW they are grown! Edible Antiques owner and operator Stacey Hubbs (hi!) grows, maintains, harvests, processes and packages these seeds at the Edible Antiques homebase gardens in Picton, Ontario. The homebase gardens are several small gardens spaced out over one acre around my home. These tiny gardens are kept sustainably, constantly working to feed the soil which feeds the plants. These gardens are dug by hand, weeded by hand, watered by mother nature, rain barrel catchings, and our well. Growing conditions at the Edible Antiques homebase gardens are pretty sandy, and fairly shaded. I am always working to add organic matter to the soil. Soil amendments consist of garden and kitchen compost, a lot of eggshells (we usually have a few chickens/ducks) composted sheep manure, composted chicken/duck manure, leaves, straw and tree mulch, and legume plantings for nitrogen fixation. Organic sea based compost and sea based foliar feedings for an added boost when needed. I keep things pretty basic!


Edible Antiques

Sustainably Grown Garden SEEDS! Open Pollinated. Heirloom & Endangered Varieties. Untreated. Non GMO. Stunning hand made packages. (Framable or compostable!) Grown with Love in Prince Edward County.

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