About Edible Antiques

Edible Antiques seed company fun facts!
*Established June 2012
*Based out of Prince Edward County. (Ontario, Canada)
*Open pollinated, heirloom and heritage garden seeds
*Untreated, non-gmo, non-patented seeds
*All seeds are grown, harvested and packaged in a sustainable manner
*ALL seeds are grown/processed by the owner. I do NOT sell bulk seed from large scale seed companies. ASK WHERE YOUR SEEDS COME FROM. 
*Each package is handmade with love, on tree free paper with a small artwork to represent your seed of choice Frame it OR Compost it when your done!
*Certified Bee Friendly (www.pfspbees.org)
*Member of Seeds of Diversity (www.seeds.ca)
“If you want to know where your food comes from...Grow it yourself!
Questions? About anything? Shoot an email to freedom.50.five@gmail.com