About Edible Antiques

Edible Antiques seed company fun facts!
*Established June 2012
*Based out of Prince Edward County. (Ontario, Canada)
*Open pollinated, Heirloom and Heritage Garden Seeds
*Untreated, Non-Gmo, Non-Patented seeds
*All seeds are grown in a sustainable manner (i keep things pretty basic and old school-chemical free, sheep manure compost, alpaca poop, well water...feel free to ask me about my methods)
*ALL seeds are grown/processed by the owner (me). I do NOT sell bulk seed from large scale seed companies.
*All seeds are grown in Prince Edward County and are therefore, regionally adapted to our climate and soil conditions. Weather here is somewhat extreme compared to our surrounding areas because we are an island (which is the giant peninsula in the middle of Lake Ontario) so these plants often experience extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme rain or extreme droughtdepending on the time of the season. There's also several "microclimates" in "The County" which are also fairly extremeI know people who live only a 15 minute drive away who get frost almost a month before i do! Long story short…these seeds are fairly hardy!
*Tree-Free Packaging. 
*Each package is handmade with love, on tree free paper from The St.Armand Papeterie in Montreal. (made with recycled cotton rags and autumn leaves!) Each pack has a small artwork to represent your seed of choice. Frame it or Compost it when your done! Detailed Historical, culinary and growing information is included inside the pack.
*Certified Bee Friendly (pollinator.org)
*Member of Seeds of Diversity (www.seeds.ca)
“If you want to know where your food comes from...Grow it yourself!
Questions? About anything? Shoot an email to freedom.50.five@gmail.com