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Algonquin Pumpkin — mold and mildew resistance

Algonquin Pumpkin

Posted by Stacey Hubbs on

Hey Seedsters! It's been a while since I've blogged it up…this is going to be about my favourite pumpkin…and quite possibly my favorite vegetable crop to grow right now... THE ALGONQUIN PUMPKIN!!!  Behold the gloriousness... So for those of you who have never met my friend Algonquin Pumpkin…or as i've recently nicknamed "Algo Pump"…there are a few key things to know about him... This pumpkin is an old heritage type from the Algonquin people. As with most heritage types, you'll find extreme hardiness, genetic elasticity, productivity and adaptability. (we'll talk more about these in a sec…) you'll also find that...

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