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Grow your own hummus!

Posted by Stacey Hubbs on

Hay seed people! Hope this blog finds you all peachy keen like jelly beans!            (phaseolus jellitus vulgaris...? lol) 

"I can grow chickpeas...? Really?.....Are they easy?"

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

 If you can grow a pea or a bean, then you can grow a chickpea! (they mature faster than beans and peas too!) All you have to do is pop a chickpea seed about an inch deep in the ground...water it...and chickpeas will happen like a couple months later!!! Yep! it is THAT easy my friends. You have literally no excuses to not grow them now. Anybody could do it. My cat could do it! (although his preference is actually to paw thresh the dried ones, which he excels at.)

The plants are stout (about a foot tall) and are self supporting, so you won't even need to stake or trellis them.

If all of this hasn't got you sold on growing your own chickpeas...and thinking of hummus hasn't made you hungry enough to go out and just buy some right now...then i've got another super solid reason for you to grow them....


And the finale of chickpea fun facts from stacey...YOU CAN EAT THEM GREEN!!! And they are sooo good! Nutty and smooth and delicious! Do it!

Here's my super technical hummus recipe...

So...put all of these things into a blender or food processor until its nice and mushy and begging for a pita. 


*Olive oil


*Lemon Juice


*Other fun stuff you could toss in: Pine Nuts! Black Beans! Red peppers! 

So get to it! Pop some chickpeas into the soil and then make your own hummus in a couple months! 

Try the Kabouli Black Chickpeas for a nifty Chickpea experience!!!  



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