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Pour one for my Homies

Posted by Stacey Hubbs on

Well it certainly is Pourin' one for my Homies out there today! Which greatly benefits both the plants…and myself! The plants because its our first big storm of the summer and the rain is badly needed, and me because I get to work in my pajamas today and let you all know what happening with Edible Antiques! 
Carson and the Wilson Road Grow-Outs! (sounds like a 70s band…yea!)
So, for those of you who don't know, I have acquired an awesome business partner Carson Arthur who is an Canada's Outdoor Living Expert, among many other lovely things. Carson currently splits his life between Toronto and Prince Edward County, working towards "full-out County" in the near future. (he's well on his way, wearing more than a respectable amount of plaid, getting dirty in the garden on weekends, and spending lots of time with chickens!) We can all thank Carson for what will be a more than 50% increase to my grow-outs this season! He had a farmer plow up most of his property for me to plant a huge seed garden in, and its going amazing so far! The soil is extremely rocky to say the least, but once you rake off the big ones…there's some reeeal sexy soil under there! Lots of little green babies are poking their way through the soil as we speak, and some have been up for a few weeks already! So thanks to Carson, you can expect a TON of new varieties at the end of the season and many more fun secrets to be revealed soon! Stay Tuned!
Bauta Family Initiative Seed Grow-Outs!
The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security partners with EverdaleSeeds of Diversity CanadaUSCCanada, and the Garfield Weston Foundation to form a network of growers to produce and document open pollinated seeds for the SODC seed bank at Everdale. This year, I'll be growing out Black Valentine Beans, Queen of the North Sweet Peppers and Algonquin Pumpkins for the seed grow-out project. All of the above organizations are doing Canada's most important seed work, so supporting them means supporting seed diversity! 
Shit n' Seeds!  
Stop by the SHED at Chetwyn Farms on Closson Road for a nifty farm gate experience! Pet the alpacas, or do some shopping for the finest in knit alpaca products. You can also pick up some Edible Antiques Seed Packs and SHEDShit for your garden too! For those of you looking for a sustainable growing medium, SHEDShit is where its at! Great as a seed starting medium, or straight into the garden beds. *Fun fact* Alpacas have four stomachs…so they are basically gigantic adorable composting machines. Their shit is perfect. Yea, I just said that. On that note, i've most recently planted my tomatoes with SHEDShit and will keep you all posted on their growth!
Ice Ice Baby!
Many of you have been asking how the frost has affected my seed crops…and I thank you all for caring. So the deal is…everything is fine! Some stuff got hit really hard with a pretty legit layer of white sparkly frost, but they've mostly all bounced back to normalcy- so all is well! 
Full Circle Action!
All cycles of seed production are happening simultaneously at this moment! and….. THAT. IS. INSANE. So while many things are still germinating, or growing into established child plants…there are also seed crops that are producing their seeds already! The Red Ursa Kale, which is a fine cold tolerant breeding work of Frank Morton WGS, is already as tall as I am with full pods and just a top level flowering to finish up! Closely followed behind is the Laurel's Frilly Kale, thanks to Vicki's Veggies for the lovely (and gigantic i might add) overwintered specimens from their garden! I feel privileged to see their entire lives happen. I mean that Red Ursa Kale…I've spent a year with it in my garden…and now its giving me babies. Its a cool relationship…I hang out with plants until the bitter end of their cycle…and collect their fallen children for future gardens of future people. Its fun and never boring. 
Historic dirt touching, No sleep ever, Local Tastyness, Labyrinth & The coolest person in the world! 
So some of you might not know this…but i'm addicted to touching dirt…like I can't stop. So when I'm not working on Edible Antiques…you'll probably find me out at Angeline's & The Hubb Eatery & Lounge, lovin' their plants, touchin' their dirt, cuttin' their grass, or making sure that the many stone pathways don't turn into meadows. Oma (the estate grandma) has established most of the gardens about 30 years ago when they first moved here, and the gardens have seen many hands since. Many of you might not know about Oma's Meditation Labyrinth…its amazing and it blooms all year, and is a wonderful place to visit. We recently added a Medicine Wheel at the entrance for some extra healing action too! Oma is amazing, and has taught me most of what i know about non-edible plants. (and a lot about life-shes got the mad wisdom!) so stop in and have some local tastiness at The Hubb, and maybe do some meditating in the labyrinth on the way out! Because Alex Fida (the owner) also never sleeps, you can maybe find me at the historic and eccentric House of Falconer (his newest resto project) searching for emerging heirloom flowers, or maybe just trying to smother the stubborn century old weeds down with mulch. So for those of you who think my only obsession is seeds…you are mostly correct…but i really like plants too! ha! 
Charley and the seed factory!
Sometimes my seedy internet friend from new mexico Charley, sends me really amazing things to grow out. (maybe you all saw my Facebook post about the Mother of Life corn?) and one of those things that he sent me this year was Torch Sunflowers. They have the prettiest foliage of any sunflower i've ever seen (check the curvy foliage!!! whaaaat?!) and I am super excited to see them bloom! I hope your gardens are all growing awesome!!! Keep it Seedy and Pour one for my Homies! 

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