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Seed Grow-Outs for Seed Security

Posted by Stacey Hubbs on

Hi Seedsters!
Those of you who recently read the "Pour one for my Homies" blog, may have read about the Bauta Grow-Outs for Canadian Seed Security…a project where The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security partners with EverdaleSeeds of Diversity CanadaUSCCanada, and the Garfield Weston Foundation to form a network of growers to produce and document open pollinated seeds for the SODC seed bank at Everdale. This means that these seeds will be kept alive in their true form, and regrown for years to come…their possibility of extinction will now be much lower, and may even become mainstays once again. This year, I've been growing out Black Valentine Beans, Queen of the North Sweet Peppers and Algonquin Pumpkins for the seed grow-out project...
The Black Valentine Beans are doing great, as usual…I've never seen them perform at anything less than an exceptional level. These beans are a total workhorse! And lets not forget that they are known for their "legendary" taste! (yay for sweet beany action!) They were first released commercially by Peter Henderson and Co. in 1887. This is one of those varieties that makes me wonder why anyone would ever stray from these great heirloom varieties…definitely a type that is well worth keeping around for future growers and eaters. For more information on the grow-out project, click here. Until next time...Keep it Seedy!  
(Pictured in 1 & 2 are Black Valentine beans in the beginning stages of flowering in the field. Pictured in 3 are seed specimens and tasty specimens!…and that awesome tablecloth i'm in love with…)

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