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"Black Crick" Tomato Seeds

  • $500

Black Crick is Vicki Emlaw’s pride and joy! She’s always wanted to grow her own heirloom tomato and call it “Black Crick” because she’s from Black River, which all of the locals in our area call “Black Crick.” We found this near the Russian Chocolate tomatoes a few years back and its been surprisingly stable ever since we first selected it. A lovely small, (about one and a half to two inches diameter) round tomato that is juicy, tasty and beautiful. An amazing type for market gardeners! Super productive plants give you lots of beautiful purple/black tomatoes. Regular leaf foliage, Indeterminate.

(Solanum Lycopersicum) 25+ seeds per pack                                                                     *Growing instructions included inside each handmade tree-free package (you can also visit the "How to Grow" page for online instructions.


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