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The Dirt...

Hiiii! I'm Stacey….and I'm a seedaholic...

Let me give you "the dirt" on my little seed company!

Edible Antiques is based out of Prince Edward County. (Ontario, Canada) Specializing in providing you with open pollinated, heirloom and heritage garden seeds. All seeds are grown, harvested and packaged in a sustainable manner. All seed crops are grown at my offsite gardens in Wellington. All of my seeds are grown, selected and processed with much love and respect. Each package of seeds is handmade with love, attention and a small artwork to represent your seed of choice and includes detailed information and growing instructions inside. Frame it OR Compost it when your done-the paper is made out of recycled cotton and agricultural byproduct. By purchasing these seeds, you can grow food for yourself and your family and you can save your own seeds from all of these varieties! This means that you can be a part of the whole cycle and allow these plants to keep living so that you can keep eating! If you would like to learn how to save your own seeds, check out my "Seed Saving Guide" for more information. 


(Flowering lettuce seed, above) 




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