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Articles featuring Edible Antiques! Thanks to all who have chosen to feature or mention my seed packs in their articles, videos and blogs. When I pour one for my homies (aka watering the plants) I'm pouring one for all of you. Thanks for being awesome.
Cityline piece by Carson Arthur "How to Save your own Tomato Seeds"
Cityline piece by Carson Arthur "Tips for Buying seeds online for your Spring Garden"
CHCH piece by Carson Arthur "Starting Spring Early"
USC "Seed grow-outs for Canadian seed security, with Edible Antiques"
Empress of Dirt "Seed Company Listings"
     Toronto Botanical Garden "Paul's Plant Picks"
      LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Spring 2014 "Historic Roots"
   National Post Gastropost "Heirloom Hurrah"
       Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance "Busy Hands in PEC" 
SHED "How's YOUR garden grow?"
             The Times "Seedier and Seedier"
     People Enterprise Creativity PEC "Build A New Life Blog"
Ontario Local Gardener "Canadian Seed Companies"
Staycationer "Photo diary of taste community grown 2015"  
House of Falconer "The Team"
       Spark Box Studio "Holiday Gift Guide"
Elen Grey Blog "The Producer"
The Times "Seedy Saturday"


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