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"Amethyst Cream" Tomato Seeds - Edible Antiques

"Amethyst Cream" Tomato Seeds

  • $400

Amethyst Cream is a sexy little bugger! One of my favourite tomato friends. Another innovation from Brad Gates' Wild Boar collection. Mainly cream coloured, but with a nice purple blushed shoulder. These tomatoes are incredibly sweet and too adorable to ignore. Slightly high in anthocyanins. Indeterminate and productive plants will give you tons of little tomatoes that taste like candy. (legit, they really do!) They make an awesome topper for mixed baskets at market and atop any tomato related dish. Good luck sharing those...

(Solanum Lycopersicum) 25+ seeds per pack                                                                 Growing instructions included inside each handmade tree-free package (you can also visit the "How to Grow" page for online instructions.)

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