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"PEC Landrace" Arugula Seeds

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This arugula is a special “landrace” (whish essentially, is a genetically diverse localized population that happens repeatedly over the years to form a local strain) This strain comes to us from Vicki's Veggies, where it has been growing for several years. This arugula has traits of both standard (eruca) and wild (vesicaria) types. Some leaves are very rounded and some are very serrated. Some have very thin stalks, and some thick and crunchy. Some have nice subtle purple veins, and some do not. A dependable green that tastes delicious at any time of the year. This strain is quite cold tolerant. Shows good downy mildew resistance.  Useful from the micro stage, to the mature braising green stage. 

*photo below shows arugula (green) aside amaranth (purple)  

(Eruca Sativa/Vesicara) 200+ seeds  

*Growing instructions included inside each handmade tree-free package (you can also visit the "How to Grow" page for online instructions.

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