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"Pink Ping Pong" Tomato Seeds

  • $400

Pink Ping Pong is a lovely pink tomato that rivals Dr.Carolyn's Pink for a spot in my heart as "the best pink cherry tomato." Funny thing is…Dr. Carolyn J. Male mentions Pink Ping Pong in her book "100 heirloom tomatoes for the american garden," stating that she collected the seeds from Andrew Rahart of New York. (Andrew Rahart collected them from local ethnic groups north of NYC.) These nice one and a half inch pink tomatoes have a slight iridescence to their skin which makes them seem kind of sparkly. The taste is an awesome sweet and tart combination. Indeterminate.

(Solanum Lycopersicum) 25+ seeds per pack                                                                     *Growing instructions included inside each handmade tree-free package (you can also visit the "How to Grow" page for online instructions.

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