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"Queen of the North" Sweet Pepper

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(Capsicum Annuum) Meet my pepper baby in its 5th generation. (aka my breeding project for the past few years) It comes from the classic “King of the North” pepper gene line. I was originally trying to make a dwarfed version of KOTN, but the Queen had some changes in mind. She started out as a dwarfed version of king of the north, with smaller fruits and compact plants. I had been trying to maintain the smaller fruit size of about 3 inches...but no matter how hard i try, she has since strayed and stuck to producing larger fruits than KOTN (up to 6 inches long) that are very thick walled, lobey and extremely sweet. Queen of the North is quite productive and the plants have stayed fairly compact (usually about a foot tall) These stumpy plants vigorously produce fruits all season. I've been selecting for taste, compact plant size, productivity and general hardiness. Still working on roguing out the occasional tapered end to keep the bell shape strong. These gals seem to be very temperature tolerant, growing in cold wet seasons, but also thriving in intense heat and drought.  

(25+ seeds)


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