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"Yellow Pear" Tomato Seeds

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Yellow Pear is an heirloom originating in Europe in the early 1700's. The English were the first to write about Yellow Pear specifically, in 1752 referencing soups. In 1825, the Hudson's Bay Company of Canada recorded the operation of a seven acre farm on which the yellow pear tomato was grown. In 1863 American seedsman Joseph Ellis offered the Yellow Pear tomato for sale. These vigorous plants will produce tons of small 1-1 ½ inch tall yellow pears which are sweet and adorable. The plants are quite large, sometimes surpassing 6 feet tall under the right conditions, so strong staking is highly recommended. Use whole in salads, or eat like candy.

(Solanum Lycopersicum) 25+ seeds per pack                                                                     *Growing instructions included inside each handmade tree-free package (you can also visit the "How to Grow" page for online instructions.

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